Residential energy storage​

Helping home owners secure their energy independence

Residential energy storage

Residential energy storage is a crucial component to improving energy resilience for homeowners. Natural disasters, and the increasing frequency of grid failures leave residents without power and feeling vulnerable. When combined with renewables and/or used for backup power and demand response, home owners can secure their own energy independence and reduce their energy costs.

POWERSYNC’s integrated systems are designed to be long lasting and can be easily matched with advanced energy management controls software to maximize your energy savings for your home. Take complete control of your home with energy automation allowing you to remotely control and prioritize equipment and appliances while improving your disaster readiness.

Our efficient LiFePO4 Modular Storage options can be deployed with a wide range of industry standard inverters and energy management systems. The Carbon Nanotube VRLA/AGM offers a more economically and simplified choice while competing with most lithium systems on price and performance.

Our integrated systems protect the home by:

Storing excess electricity generated from renewables during the day so it can be used at night.

Saving money by connecting to the utility grid and storing surplus energy during off peak hours to use when the utility electrical rates are higher.

Taking advantage of utility demand response / energy buyback programs.

Having your own backup power (UPS) that can be used in the event of grid instability or failure.

All-in-one solution for:

Off-Grid / microgrid

Grid selling

Meter zero

Time of use

Smart load

AC / DC coupling

Peak shaving

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Total Home Energy Management

Simple Design

  • All-in-one design including the battery, hybrid inverter and EMS
  • Modular design and quick connectors make installation easy and fast
  • 15kWh - 160kWh scalable energy storage
  • 12kW - 48kW scalable power
  • System can be expanded at a later time
  • Floor or wall mounted
  • Indoor or outdoor rated (NEMA type 3R), IP65

  • Intelligent Controls

  • Built-in energy management system with multi-mode operations for self-consumption, time-of-use, smart load management, energy scheduling, external control and off-grid
  • Real uninterruptible power supply, < 20ms switching time
  • Multi-point real time monitoring with weather forecasting
  • Communication Interface with WiFi (standard), 4G (optional), Meter-RS485, EMS-RS485 (sunspec)
  • Adaptive SOC management
  • Pack level battery management with active balancing during charing and discharging

  • Safe

  • Physical and electrical dual isolation
  • Modular fire protection
  • AFCI and RSD function integration
  • UL9540, UL9540A, UL1973, UL60730, IEC 62040-1, CFR 47, FCC Part 15 Class B, UL1699B, UL1998, UL1741 SB, CDSA 22.2, CEC, IEEE1547, IEEE1547.1, IEEE2030.5, UN38.3

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    48V 600Ah 28.8 kWh LuxPowerTek Carbon Nanotube VRLA/AGM Battery Energy Storage System

    51.2V 400Ah 20 kWh LuxPowerTek LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Energy Storage System

    51.2V 800Ah 40 kWh Sol-Ark LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Energy Storage System







    Residential Energy Storage Solutions

    Renewable Energy

    Use renewables plus energy storage to create your own home power plant. POWERSYNC solutions are flexible, can be installed with any solar or wind generator and easily connected to new or existing systems.

    Energy storage unlocks the true value from investments in renewable energy by maximizing your return on your investment by helping to lower or eliminate energy bills.

    Critical Power

    Protect your family and home with a residential uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in the event of grid instability or failure. During a grid failure POWERSYNC energy storage will run your most critical equipment and appliances.

    Energy resiliency means having the power when you need it most and not depending on the gird.

    Peak Shaving

    Lower your electrical bills by installing an energy storage system for peak demand shaving. POWERSYNC storage will help you avoid unwelcomed peak utility fees by allowing you to pull short-term demand spikes from your energy storage rather than the grid.

    Enhance your home with an energy storage system to lower your costs, improve your energy resilience, and gain control over your own energy use.

    Demand Response

    Utility companies are looking for ways to make their grid more reliable during peak hours. Incentives are in place to encourage residential customers to install POWERSYNC energy storage which can be used when demand response events are triggered.

    Utility companies will pay home owners with residential energy storage systems who grant access to their energy during grid demand spikes.

    Residential Energy Storage Solutions

    Example DC coupled solar + energy storage

    The following is a basic example of the standard architecture of an installed residential solar system with POWERSYNC’S LiFePO4 Modular Storage using the Sol-Ark inverter. Please consult the POWERSYNC™ product manual and the inverter installation instructions prior to installing.

    Installation Examples

    Learn more about our products deployed in the field

    Whether you have a residential or commercial renewable energy project, a UPS application, or an RV or boat needing energy storage, our solutions have been demonstrated to provide customers with the flexibility to meet a wide variety of application needs.


    Located in Miami, FL, this is a 46 kWh battery with 8 kW of solar, 20 kW of generator using the Sol-Ark 8K inverter.

    Commercial / Industrial

    Located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, this is a DC coupled 348 kWh battery with 192 kW of solar, 500 kW of generator using 280 kW of inverters from LS Electric.


    Located in Elkhart, IN at a RV manufacturer, this is a 15 kWh battery using the Cotek 3k inverter and 80A auxiliary charger.

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