Closed Loop Communication with POWERSYNC Batteries and Sol-Ark Inverters

Closed Loop Communications: What is that?

POWERSYNC Energy Solutions continues to form solid partnerships with power conversion companies, including Sol-Ark. Through CANBus, the POWERSYNC LiFePO4 Lithium Modular Storage and Sol-Ark 15K, 12K and 8K Hybrid All-In-One inverter systems communicate in a closed-loop state.

In addition to remote reporting of state-of-charge (SOC) and system-level status through Sol-Ark’s web monitoring services, Sol-Ark’s closed-loop communication enables the POWERSYNC battery management system (BMS) to optimize Sol-Ark’s charge parameters to extend battery cycle life and reduce recharge times.

A true system solution can now be offered by solar installers to their customers, demonstrating the potential for advanced lithium energy storage to be used in grid-connected and off-grid applications. By reducing generator use, saving money on diesel fuel, and increasing the useable power from any solar array, we can improve cycle efficiency times by 25% over other lithium batteries of the same capacity.

Sol-Ark’s networked hardware is able to read and react to accurate SOC, historical and real-time status information through the POWERSYNC BMS. The BMS is also capable of taking over and controlling all aspects of charging as needed.

About the Players

Founded in 2013 by local U.S. Veterans with expertise in power electronics, semiconductors and hardware design, Sol-Ark is a solar and energy storage technology firm based in Plano, Texas. Their mission is to provide reliable, innovative and robust solutions that protect families from utility outages and make solar plus energy storage affordable for all. To this end, they have come up with best-in-class hybrid inverters offering superior speed, efficiency and power as well as great versatility. Further diversifying their offerings, string inverters and micro-inverters were added for a variety of applications. Dedicated to providing world-class customer service and continuing innovation, the team at Sol-Ark continues to strive to accomplish their vision of “Powering Families Through Life™”.

POWERSYNC Energy Solutions, LLC is an American, family-owned business that creates innovative energy storage products. We integrate modern, dependable, and economical technologies to create comprehensive solutions for our customers. Our selection includes modular energy storage in both lithium and VRLA battery forms, allowing homes and businesses the ability to become truly self-sufficient. Moreover, our mobile power products provide a ready-to-go option to boost runtime and make optimal use of space while cutting down the total price tag for auto, RV, and marine auxiliary power applications.


Verified Closed Loop communication creates better remote monitoring and enhanced cycle efficiency.

Accurate state-of-charge (SOC) reporting is a key variable in energy storage system monitoring and maintenance. Not having accurate real-time access to a systems SOC could lead to balance issues along with alarm and protection events with lithium battery management systems (BMS)

Voltage, current and temperature are also communicated to the Sol-Ark inverter to better optimize charging and discharging parameters as well as creating additional safety redundancy.

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