Mobile Energy Storage

Delivering more power, faster charging and longer life

Mobile energy storage

Recreational vehicles (RV), boats for personal and commercial use, golf carts and more are constantly needing to operate an ever increasing amount of electronics and appliances for longer periods of time. Conventional technology doesn’t have the power and capacity to meet the needs or the lifespan for there to be an acceptable return on investment.

Our efficient LiFePO4 Modular Storage options can be deployed with a wide range of industry standard inverters and energy management systems. The Carbon Nanotube VRLA/AGM offers a more economically and simplified choice while competing with most lithium options in performance and longevity.

POWERSYNC’s integrated systems are designed to be long lasting and can be easily matched with advanced energy management controls software to maximize your energy usage of your vehicle.

Our integrated mobile systems feature:

Run times increase do to higher energy density and more usable power.

High power capable of pulse current required for engine start.

Easily expandable with modular storage options.

Integrates with leading inverters, chargers and energy management systems

Lower total cost of ownership and higher ROI compared to conventional storage technology.

All-in-one solution for:

Recreational vehicle (RV)

Travel trailers and Campers

Personal and commercial boats

Semi truck idle free APU

Golf carts


Utility vehicles

Floor scrubbers


Recommended Products

CN12-200FT Carbon Nanotube Front Terminal VRLA Battery

LFPG12.8-115G31 LiFePO4+Graphene Dual Purpose Lithium Battery

LFPG12.8-80G24 LiFePO4+Graphene Dual Purpose Lithium Battery

CN12-100FT Carbon Nanotube Front Terminal VRLA Battery

LFP3250-LV512100 High Power LiFePO4 Battery Module

LFPG12.8-300G8D LiFePO4+Graphene Dual Purpose Lithium Battery

69kWh LiFePO4 Modular High voltage with Sol-Ark

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Mobile Energy Storage Solutions

Example mobile energy storage

The following is a basic example of the standard architecture of an RV/marine system with POWERSYNC’S LiFePO4 Modular Storage using the Cotek inverter/charger, auxilary charger and Firefly RV-C EMS. Please consult the POWERSYNC™ product manual and the inverter installation instructions prior to installing.

Installation examples

Learn more about our products deployed in the field

Whether you have a residential or commercial renewable energy project, a UPS application, or an RV or boat needing energy storage, our solutions have been demonstrated to provide customers with the flexibility to meet a wide variety of application needs.


Located in Miami, FL, this is a 46 kWh battery with 8 kW of solar, 20 kW of generator using the Sol-Ark 8K inverter.

Commercial / Industrial

Located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, this is a DC coupled 348 kWh battery with 192 kW of solar, 500 kW of generator using 280 kW of inverters from LS Electric.


Located in Elkhart, IN at a RV manufacturer, this is a 15 kWh battery using the Cotek 3k inverter and 80A auxiliary charger.

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POWERSYNC has announced the acquisition of a front terminal carbon nanotube VRLA/AGM battery line. Carbon nanotube is an exciting new additive to lead-acid battery chemistries that increases cycle life to be on par with most lithium technologies.

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