Mobile Energy Storage

Delivering more power, faster charging and longer life

Mobile Energy Storage

Recreational vehicles (RV), boats for personal and commercial use, golf carts and more are constantly needing to operate an ever increasing amount of electronics and appliances for longer periods of time. Conventional technology doesn’t have the power and capacity to meet the needs or the lifespan for there to be an acceptable return on investment.

Our efficient LiFePO4 Modular Storage options can be deployed with a wide range of industry standard inverters and energy management systems. The Carbon Nanotube VRLA/AGM offers a more economically and simplified choice while competing with most lithium options in performance and longevity.

POWERSYNC’s integrated systems are designed to be long lasting and can be easily matched with advanced energy management controls software to maximize your energy usage of your vehicle.

Our integrated mobile systems feature:

An all in one solution for:

Recommended Products

Dual Purpose

Our LFP+G Dual Purpose products can be used in both starting and deep cycling stationary or auxiliary power applications. Using the latest Lithium Iron Phosphate + Graphene technology (LFP+G), higher pulse power and longer cycle life are achieved. Available in 12V, 38.4V and 51.2V configurations.
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LiFePO4 Modular

For use in both stationary and mobile auxiliary power applications, our LFP-LV Modules use safe Lithium Iron Phosphate technology (LiFePO4 or LFP), and are available in 12V, 25.6V, 48V and 51.2V configurations.
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Carbon Nanotube

The front terminal Carbon Nanotube VRLA/AGM are capable of high cycling in a partial state of charge (PSOC) design making a perfect alternative to lithium for stationary and mobile auxiliary power applications.
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Mobile Power Challenges


Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters

In recent years in various parts of the United States and its territories, utility customers have been stranded without power for days, weeks, and even for months.  Energy storage combined with a production source, such as renewables or generators, provides security against the dangers associated with losing power.

Group (1)

Limited Power

Limited Power

Protect your family and home with a residential uninterruptible power supply in the event of grid failure.  During times of grid instability our POWERSYNC™ energy storage will run your most critical appliances.  

Group (2)

Power Blackouts

Power Blackouts

Power blackouts can adversely affect homeowners in many ways.  When the grid goes down a lack of power can mean less security for your family and home, loss of heating, cooling, refrigeration and communications. 

Group 1

Rising Costs

Rising Costs

Each year power companies propose to increase basic service charges or establish higher peak demand rates.  These rate changes can cause as much as an 80% or higher increase in monthly electric bills.  Having your own power supply can protect you against utility demand charges.

HOMESYNC™ is the premier residential energy storage system. Our ESS will provide you and your family the freedom you deserve by storing excess energy. The team at POWERSYNC™ Energy Solutions engineered HOMESYNC™ with the homeowner in mind—this means we’ve taken the time to ensure it serves every residential need. Whether you’re a landlord, construction manager, or a homeowner looking to store renewable energy, we’ve got you covered with our residential energy storage systems. Our storage systems can help homeowners lower their electric bills through demand shaving. Alternatively, residential power storage systems give you peace of mind in the event of a power outage. POWERSYNC™ is a family-owned engineering company that specializes in power storage using only the most advanced technology in our products. Contact our team today if you have any questions; we look forward to working with you.

Example Mobile Energy Storage

The following is a basic example of the standard architecture of an RV/marine system with POWERSYNC’S LiFePO4 Modular Storage using the Cotek inverter/charger, auxilary charger and Firefly RV-C EMS.  Please consult the POWERSYNC™ product manual and the inverter installation instructions prior to installing. 

Mobile Energy
Storage Solutions

Renewable Energy

Use renewables plus energy storage to create your own home power plant. POWERSYNC solutions are flexible, can be installed with any solar or wind generator and easily connected to new or existing systems.

Energy storage unlocks the true value from investments in renewable energy by maximizing your return on your investment by helping to lower or eliminate energy bills.

Critical Power

Protect your family and home with a residential uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in the event of of grid instability or failure. During a grid failure POWERSYNC energy storage will run your most critical equipment and appliances.

Energy resiliency means having the power when you need it most and not depending on the gird. 

Peak Shaving

Lower your electrical bills by installing an energy storage system for peak demand shaving. POWERSYNC storage will help you avoid unwelcomed peak utility fees by allowing you to pull short-term demand spikes from your energy storage rather than the grid.

Enhance your home with an energy storage system to lower your costs, improve your energy resilience, and gain control over your own energy use.

Demand Response

Utility companies are looking for ways to make their grid more reliable during peak hours. Incentives are in place to encourage residential customers to install POWERSYNC energy storage which can be used when demand response events are triggered.

Utility companies will pay home owners with residential energy storage systems who grant access to their energy during grid demand spikes.

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