Deep Cycle and Starting Power: A Revolution in Battery Technology with Lithium Graphene Batteries

Disruptive Battery Technology?

After years in development, POWERSYNC is pleased to announce the availability of Lithium Graphene batteries. Adding to the already superior battery chemistry of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP), graphene offers unique electroconductive properties that improve efficiencies in battery cycling and power delivery capabilities as well as improved safety.

What is Graphene?

Graphene is a 2 dimensional carbon layered substance, one-atom-thick layer, arranged in a honeycomb lattice that was isolated by Nobel Prize winners Andre Geim and Konstantine Novoselov in 2004. It is the thinest and strongest known material, yet very flexible. Graphene is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat. 

These characteristics allow for a more efficient transportation of an electrical charge from one electrode to another, making it ideal for use as a battery electrode. Additionally, graphene has a very large surface area, which creates a more efficient storage of electrical charge.

Why Graphene with Lithium Batteries?

The flexibility, light weight and large surface area of graphene means that it can be used to create thinner and lighter battery electrodes that are able to store more energy than traditional battery electrodes. This not only reduces the overall weight of the battery, but also allows for more active material to be included in the electrode, resulting in a higher energy density.

Unlike other materials used in batteries, such as carbon or metal oxides, graphene is not susceptible to corrosion or degradation when exposed to electrolytes. Lithium batteries made with graphene electrodes will be able to store more charge than conventional lithium batteries. The conductivity of graphene also allows for faster charging and discharging times while operating in wider temperature ranges thereby reducing the risk of thermal runaway and improving safety.

In addition, the strength of graphene means that it can help to improve the safety of lithium batteries by preventing the formation of dangerous dendrites. Dendrites are needle-like structures that can grow inside lithium batteries, causing them to short circuit and catch fire. Graphene’s exceptional strength prevents dendrites from piercing through the electrodes and causing a short circuit.

What does this mean to you?

Deep Cycle + Starting: The LiFePO4+Graphene Dual Purpose batteries will serve your battery needs in both deep cycling and engine start applications.

Popular Battery Sizes: Available in the most popular BCI group battery sizes.

Series or Parallel Connectivity: Increase your battery bank options by connecting batteries in series or in parallel.

Superior Cycle Life and Safety: Graphene has been demonstrated to have fantastic electroconductive and thermo-resilient properties. Lithium + Graphene is known to increase cycle life and increase performance more than standard LiFePO4 batteries. The battery management systems protects against under/over voltage and current, temperature, and short circuit.

Battery Compliance:
UL-1642, CE, IEC62619 & CB, KC BIS, IP65

  • More Capacity
  • More Cranking Power
  • Better Temperature Resilience
  • Internal Heater for Cold Climates
  • Longer Cycle Life
  • Bluetooth Monitoring App
  • Built in State Of Charge Meter
  • Series or Parallel Scalability
  • IP-65 Rating
  • Limited 8 Year Warranty


Graphene’s high electro and thermal conductivity increases the efficiency of lithium batteries allowing for safer, faster charging/ discharging and overall longer life.

POWERSYNC has developed a new line of lithium batteries, building on the already proven lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) technology with adding graphene to the battery electrodes.

Graphene assists with efficiencies in cycling, the process of discharging and charging, by having many, very thin layers, creating a larger area for electrical charge storage. This energy can quickly and more safely be delivered due to Graphene’s unique resistance to corrosion, degradation and lithium battery’s primary enemy: dendrites.

Lithium Graphene batteries are now available. 

Contact your POWERSYNC Sales Rep. for more information.

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