Stationary & Modular Energy Storage

Design Features Include:

Group-67@2x - Residence - Circle
Group-65@2x - BUILDING 1
Group-65@2x - RV
Group-65@2x - BOAT 1
Group-65@2x - Telecom
Group-65@2x - RAIL


Total Cost of Ownership

Based upon system design, manufacturer’s MSRP, maintenance costs, warranty, cycle life, discharge rates, and operating parameters.

Partial State of Charge (PSOC): Enhances overall battery life in an application where the batteries are not fully recharged on a regular basis.

Easy Installation:
Design fits into standard indoor racking, cabinet or outdoor container systems.

Scalability: Multiple strings and or racks can be combined for additional capacity and power.

System Integration: Can be integrated with all 12V, 24V, 36V or 48V power conversion systems or rectifiers.

Compliance: IEC 60896 – 21/22, IEEE 1184, IEC 61056 – 1 IEC 61427 – 1/2, EN 50272 – 2, IEEE 1187 / 1188


with the Sol-Ark Inverter

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