Commercial/Industrial Energy Storage

Solutions to mitigate energy risks for your company

C&I energy storage

POWERSYNC™ designs and builds advanced energy storage which is deployed in demand response enabled microgrid solutions for commercial and industrial (C&I) applications.

Our advanced solutions allow companies to mitigate economic risk with on-site independent backup power to essential equipment while helping to insulate operating expenses from utility rate increases and fluctuations in power supply.

Systems can be designed for single, split or 3 phase electrical architecture and easily integrates with a broad selection of inverters and energy management systems.

POWERSYNC™ ESS protects by:

Improving energy resilience with an energy storage system that allows for critical loads backup.

Saving money by reducing or eliminating utility peak demand charges.

Maximize renewable self-consumption and participate in demand response programs.

Prepare for the future shared energy market with your commercial virtual power plant.

All-in-one solution for:

Off-Grid / microgrid

Grid selling

Meter zero

Time of use

Smart load

AC / DC coupling

Peak shaving

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Installation examples

Learn more about our products deployed in the field

Whether you have a residential or commercial renewable energy project, a UPS application, or an RV or boat needing energy storage, our solutions have been demonstrated to provide customers with the flexibility to meet a wide variety of application needs.


Located in Miami, FL, this is a 46 kWh battery with 8 kW of solar, 20 kW of generator using the Sol-Ark 8K inverter.

Commercial / Industrial

Located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, this is a DC coupled 348 kWh battery with 192 kW of solar, 500 kW of generator using 280 kW of inverters from LS Electric.


Located in Elkhart, IN at a RV manufacturer, this is a 15 kWh battery using the Cotek 3k inverter and 80A auxiliary charger.

C&I Energy Storage Solutions


Energy storage is a critical component of any micro-grid. Whether the microgrid is one circuit within a building, a mobile power station, or an entire campus, our energy storage solutions can be configured to meet the power needs of any project and are being deployed to meet a wide variety of applications.

Critical power

Uninterruptible power supply is the first line of defense for corporations who need to protect their company from the detrimental risks of power outages which can cost businesses thousands of dollars per minute! Our energy storage solutions are are designed to ensure businesses will have power to meet their facility’s critical power needs.

Peak Shaving

For many companies the most significant portion of the electric bill are the demand charges which are based on the highest amount of power drawn during any 15-minute interval billing period. Without our energy storage, traditional renewable systems can do very little to reduce demand charges.

Hybrid Genset

The lack of reliable electric supply and high costs of peak demand charges are some of the challenges that are a motivating factor in an energy manager’s search for a more reliable and long term solution to their energy challenges. Our energy storage is being deployed to allow companies to achieve significant savings when coupled with hybrid genset systems.

C&I Energy Storage Solutions

Example DC coupled high voltage line diagram

The following image is a basic example of the standard architecture of the high voltage commercial energy storage system with solar PV and gensets.

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