Bringing Commercial Solar Power and Energy Storage to Puerto Rico

A Partnership is Born

A microgrid project in Puerto Rico was designed and installed by Arco Caribe Architects using solar power and energy storage from Maximo Solar, POWERSYNC Energy Solutions, and Nuvation Energy.

As part of a distributed energy resource microgrid, Maximo Solar adds 194 kW of solar power and POWERSYNC adds 348 kWh of energy storage to existing diesel backup power. In the event of grid power failures, the microgrid will provide backup power to critical systems and manage electricity demand charges.

Mission Accomplished!

More DC-coupled Energy Storage from:

Nuvation Engineering

In February 2023, the microgrid will be ready to use. This project utilizes a DC-coupled engineering approach to decrease power conversion needs and boost round trip efficiency. According to Maximo Torres, Chief Executive Officer of Maximo Solar, “Maximo Solar and POWERSYNC have implemented a DC-coupled solar and storage system that enables the solar to provide backup power as well as charge the energy storage system. Compared to AC-coupled systems, this design provides simplicity, better control and more efficiency, especially on hybrid systems that integrate different sources of energy such as diesel generators and utility power.”

In addition to Nuvation Energy’s battery management system (BMS), the POWERSYNC ESS uses Nuvation Energy’s nController EMS (energy management system), which has been specially tailored for this project. In order to manage demand charges, the EMS will coordinate the operation of the various microgrid assets.

According to Michael Worry, CEO of Nuvation Energy, “This microgrid implementation employs intelligent design decisions that provide great value to the long-term asset owner. The energy management system integrates seamlessly with Nuvation Energy’s battery management system, providing granular visibility into the battery stacks for highly efficient operation when performing demand charge management tasks.”

“At POWERSYNC we have built a culture that places the needs of those we serve at the forefront of everything we do. Our entire team is focused on constantly improving our products and services to meet the energy resiliency needs of our current and future clients,” said Clinton Beiter, CEO/Founder of POWERSYNC Energy Solutions. “Between the efforts of POWERSYNC, Nuvation, and Maximo Solar, we developed an energy storage solution capable of providing our clients with a unique and scalable turnkey microgrid for commercial applications. We thank the team at Arco Caribe for allowing us to partner with them on this remarkable achievement.”

About the Team

Founded in 2009, Maximo Solar Industries integrates, designs, and installs solar energy and storage systems in Puerto Rico and Florida.

Energy storage system integrators and battery manufacturers can rely on Nuvation Energy for energy storage and energy management solutions. We enable the proliferation of energy storage by providing products and services that resolve the technical challenges typically associated with developing new solutions.

POWERSYNC Energy Solutions, LLC is an American, family-owned business that creates innovative energy storage products. We integrate modern, dependable, and economical technologies to create comprehensive solutions for our customers. Our selection includes modular energy storage in both lithium and VRLA battery forms, allowing homes and businesses the ability to become truly self-sufficient. Moreover, our mobile power products provide a ready-to-go option to boost runtime and make optimal use of space while cutting down the total price tag for auto, RV, and marine auxiliary power applications.


Puerto Rico’s future is looking brighter as commercial solar power and energy storage are slowly being integrated into the grid. 

This will bring cheaper, cleaner energy to Puerto Ricans while reducing their dependence on costly fossil fuels. With better access to reliable electricity, businesses can thrive and people can go about their daily lives with fewer interruptions due to frequent outages. 

The introduction of renewable energy sources such as solar will also help Puerto Rico reduce its carbon footprint and make strides towards achieving a more sustainable future.

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