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All-in-One Battery, Inverter, EMS
Scabable from 20kWh to 160kWh


Intelligent Controls

  • Built-in energy management system with multi-mode operations for grid-tie, net-meter, time-of-use, smart load management and off-grid
  • Real uninterruptible power supply, < 20ms switching time
  • Multi-point real time monitoring with weather forecasting
  • Adaptive SOC management
  • Pack level battery management with active balancing during charing and discharging

  • Simple Design

  • All-in-one design including the battery, inverter and EMS
  • Modular design and quick connectors make installation easy and fast
  • System can be expanded at a later time

  • Safe

  • Physical and electrical dual isolation
  • Modular fire protection
  • AFCI and RSD function integration

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