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2XR48V4HWB 4 String Front Terminal Battery Rack


Our front terminal racking makes installation simple with cables, breakers and busbar for each string. Cables are provided from the racking’s bus bar to the inverter at a customer determined length.

Design Features

  • Racking Includes Cables, Breakers and Busbar
  • 100A Breaker per String
  • Welded Design, No Assembly Required


  • Voltage: 48
  • Dimensions (in.): 23.75 x 26.26 x 59.63
  • Empty Weight (lb.): 330

What's Included?

  • 1 x 2XR48V4HWB Indoor Rack
  • Cables, Breakers and Busbar for Each String
  • 1 x 2/0 AWG Battery to Inverter Cable set (choose a length)


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