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Thanks to a range of innovative renewable energy funding sources, transitioning to a POWERSYNC Energy Storage System (ESS) as part of a renewable energy project has never been more affordable for residential, commercial, and utility scale projects. Maximizing your return on investment (ROI) for your photovoltaic project is crucial.  With our financing partners we shop the best opportunities to ensure you have a green energy financing solution that fits into your budget and makes sense for your home or business.

By combining Federal, state, and local incentives with one of the green energy financing offered by POWERSYNC, you can begin generating and storing clean energy from the sun and start reducing your energy costs immediately.  The financing application process is simple and confidential. Once approved you will be notified by one of our financing partners and one of our energy storage designers will be on contact with you. We also can assist you with the engineering, procurement and construction on your total project.

You will find more details below, which gives you the highlights for various types of projects and renewable energy funding options. This includes residential, commercial, utility and municipal. We look forward to helping you with all of your power needs. Contact us today to get the process started for your project. Call us at (877) 459-4591 or email us at In addition, you can view our resources page to view energy storage news, company and product updates as well as subscribe to our newsletter.


Our residential renewable energy funding sources are by far the most cost effective means of capital investment into a renewable energy system for your home.


Commercial green energy financing products include capital lease, operating lease, finance lease, true lease, master lease, conditional sales agreement, and sale–leaseback.

Program Highlights

Commercial Financing Terms and Conditions

Commercial Financing Required Documentation

In anticipation of the loan request, you may need to prepare to submit documents to the lender for review. The following is a partial list of lender required documentation for final obtain loan approval:

POWERSYNC offers a variety of commercial solar financing solutions for all types of commercial applications. Allowing companies to maintain cash flow, minimize risk and stay ahead of the competition. Call us today to find out more about our commercial solar financing solutions.

GOAL: 100% Project Funding

  • Determine economic viability based solely on the project metrics as provided by your installer.
  • Final decision to fund your project will be contingent upon your reviewed financials.
  • The goal of our financing institution is to 100% fund, own and maintain the system
  • You will benefit from reduced energy costs it produces.

Commercial Financing – Types of Structures


Energy Service Agreements “ESA” – A performance-based contract which allows clients to implement renewable energy efficiency projects with zero upfront capital expenditures.

  • Energy savings pays for the projects
  • Reduces energy related operating expenses
  • Flexible contract terms

Capital Leases – A Capital Lease is one in which any one of the criteria for an operating lease is not satisfied. From a financial reporting perspective, this translates to a lease structure that has the characteristics of a purchase agreement. Such a lease is accounted for as an asset and as a related obligation on the balance sheet.

Companies, government facilities, and residents are increasingly using renewable energy, but they also need to store that energy. POWERSYNC offers various energy storage systems that use innovative technology. We understand the price of power storage projects can be challenging for some so that’s why we offer renewable energy project funding. POWERSYNC Energy Solutions’ financing options are suitable for all budgets. We believe renewable energy is the future and consumers should be able to store energy with dependable solutions. If you’re ready to take the next step in renewable energy, take advantage of the POWERSYNC Energy Solutions financing options today. Our team of experts can walk you through the federal, state, and local incentives for using renewable energy and your funding options; just give us a call today.

Financing Options

A project’s true asset is not the equipment but rather the energy produced.Our mission is to work with financing companies to arrange 100% solar power financing for each project.

Our Industrial Financing Program Is Similar To A Commercial Lease

  • The industrial lease has the result that the lessee is to purchase and take title to the equipment or asset. The solar power financing is a full payout agreement with a bargain purchase at the end of the lease term allowing for acquiring title to asset.
  • Payments under the lease include the return of principal and interest, with interest being exempt from Federal income taxation.
  • The lease allows for termination for non-appropriation of funds by the municipal entity.
A significant advantage in utilization of this program is today’s economy. POWERSYNC  industrial leasing specialist works together with municipal officials to facilitate equipment lease financing in a creative, timely, and fiscally responsible manne

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