Tariff Update – August 2019

On August 1, 2019, President Trump announced that the United States will on September 1 impose a 10 percent tariff on essentially all Chinese goods not previously subject to tariffs. This latest round of tariffs is being referred to as “List 4” tariffs and it will hit about $300 billion worth of imports from China.

The good news is we have been proactive in our planning and this will have a minimal effect on our business and yours if at all.

Please contact us for updated pricing for Energy Storage Systems.

Our LiFePO4 ESS product lists consist of the following products:

  • LV-ESS – Low Voltage Energy Storage System
    • 51.2V-100Ah (5.12 kWh)
    • Up to 16 Modules in Parallel for 51.2V-1000Ah (81.9 kWh)
  • HV-ESS – High Voltage Energy Storage System
    • 48V-100Ah (4.8 kWh)
    • Up to 18 Modules in Series for 864V-100Ah (86.4 kWh)
    • Up to 4C
  • Drop in Battery replacement to batteries
    • 6.4V-51.2V (28.8Wh – 20.4 kWh)
    • Up to 8 in Series or 16 in Parallel
    • Up to 3C

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