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For Commercial, Residential, or UPS Solar PV Projects

The size of your Energy Storage System(ESS) is one of the most important factors in determining the price and installation for your energy system.  Knowing what size (ESS) you will need will be directly impacted by how much energy you currently use or anticipate using. Once we know your maximum daily energy utilization and peak power, we can determine how much usable energy your battery system needs to provide in order to meet your goals.

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Commercial Energy Storage System Request for Quotation

Section 1: My Information
Section 2: Project Information
Section 3-A: Application Information
Please answer all questions that apply:
Section 3-B: System Energy Management and Communications
Section 3-C: For Hybrid Systems
Some systems may need natural gas or diesel generator systems as potential backup power.
Section 4: Energy Utilization
For commercial and industrial applications, you can determine your daily energy consumption by analyzing your electric bill.

Look for the monthly kWh consumption and divide by 30 (days). It is always recommended to analyze your highest energy consumption months.

For off-grid applications where you do not know your maximum daily energy consumption, you can use this solar energy calculator by adding up the total wattage of each of your critical components and multiplying the wattage by the maximum hours that each component will be operating in a 24 hour period.
Section 5: Other Equipment
Please take a moment to fill in this section if you need support with other equipment or already know what you plan to use on this project such as solar panels, inverters, or balance of systems.
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