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Our Approach

We value and embrace the relationships distributors have with OEM’s in their networks and region.  We become a supply partner to those distributors by enhancing their value to their customers.  We take pride in the solutions we deliver and we ensure that we provide you with the best product for the best price

Standard and Custom Solutions

Distributors are often faced with the challenges of providing their OEM’s with products that may not be readily available on the market.  We have the capabilities of providing our standard products for distributors and their OEMs or, when necessary, we will custom engineer a system for specific unique applications.

Our Experience

POWERSYNC leadership has more than 3 decades of battery experience.  We have the capabilities of providing full engineering, permitting, and even installation support if necessary.


We look for the best solution for your project opportunity.

Superior Quality

Our systems meet the highest construction, safety, and performance standards for energy storage.

Dependable Support

We provide an immediate response to issues.


We thrive on your feedback and what we build is driven by your input.

Our Process

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Understand the client

Identify The Problem

We recognize that there are considerable differences within each customer segment; no single solution fits every situation. The same problems can affect customer segments differently. Problems can vary between:

  • Supply Chain Disruptions
  • Standard battery form factors do not meet product requirements

Go Deeper and Deeper

Define the problem and manage complexity

We strip the problem down to root causes and make the complexity manageable. We identify the main benefits that the customer is trying to achieve and help them understand other ways an energy storage system can benefit them.

Example problem:  A business needs a battery to fit within a specific compartment requirement and needs communications capabilities and environmental controls. 

Problem redefined:  Our product development specialists and engineers work with our distributors and OEMs to demonstrate an alternative product solution to that will guarantee the ability to meet the spacial requirements of the battery pack, the communications protocols to work with the customer’s technology, and the environmental controls to ensure that the battery operates within the optimal conditions. 

You're Halfway there

Establishing Goals & Expectations

  1. Meet the OEM’s need
  2. Decrease product customization costs
  3. Ensure timely delivery
  4. Improve performance 
  5. Protect the distributor / OEM relationship

You're Almost there

Identify Integrated Solutions

Once goals have been identified, we create a custom tailored solution to meet the specific needs of our clients.   We implement a delivery strategy that includes product testing and integration and we provide you with a strategy to ensure short term and long term delivery process that will meet the OEM’s expectations.

Example Solution:

  • Custom battery to fit within the customers compartment with communications protocols to ensure external monitoring of the battery system, and environmental controls to protect the battery from exposure to extreme temperatures.  
  • Inventory always in stock 
  • Consignment options if feasible and necessary

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