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Introducing The Powersync 500 W 96 Cell Monocrystalline PV Module

POWERSYNC is introducing our paradigm changing 500W 96 Cell Monocrystalline solar PV panel.

Offering the highest wattage panels the industry has ever seen, allowing for a decrease in installation cost. Perfect solution for any size project that may be limited on space and wanting to reduce the amount of weight per watt on panels installed.

This new panel has undergone rigorous testing and certification, including UL certification and pending Tier One status (approval due August 2018).


Solar Cells: 96 cell monocrystalline
Nominal Power [Wp] – Pmpp: 500
Voltage at Nominal Power [V] – Vmpp: 53.94
Current at Nominal Power [A] – Impp: 9.27
Open-circuit voltage [V] – Voc: 65.92
Short-circuit current [A] – Isc: 9.77
Module efficiency level [%]: 19.12%
Frame: Silver anodized aluminum alloy (40mm)
Output Cables: 12 AWG (4mm²) cables with polarized weatherproof connectors, cable length 1.25m (49.21in)
Dimensions mm(in): 1996 (78.58) x 1310 (51.57) x 40 (1.57)
Approximate Weight: 36.5 kg (80.46 lbs)


Higher Wattage

Worlds first 500 watt tier one monocrystalline solar panel

Ideal For Limited Space

Fewer panels needed for any size project

Lower Installation Cost

Fewer panels equals lower installation cost

Reduced Weight

Lower weight per watt compared to other industry leading modules