Municipal and Utility Energy Storage System Financing

solar financing options

Through our financing partners at “reel” Renewable Energy Equipment Leasing”, our Municipal Finance Program offers advantages over alternative financing sources.  Municipal Tax-Exempt financing solutions can be structured for the entire energy storage and solar PV systems and can include the real-property projects by state agencies and their political subdivisions such as counties, cities, towns, villages, public universities and colleges, police and fire departments, school districts, municipal hospitals and other municipal districts.

Additionally, POWERSYNC is able to offer other financial products associated with issuing any kind of certificate of indebtedness or tax-exempt bond issuance program. Our products are as follows: municipal leasing, municipal tax-exempt leasing, tax-exempt bond issuance, certificates of participation.

Municipal transactions are generally governed by the Internal Revenue Code in conjunction with the By-Laws of a municipality. Under these requirements, a qualified entity can finance property acquisitions and/or equipment (assets) under contracts in which the interest income the leasing company derives will be exempt from Federal income tax. The benefit to the municipal entity will be a tax-exempt transaction can be financed at a lower interest rate below traditional commercial banking financing.

A Municipal Finance Program has some of the similarities of a commercial lease, with three significant differences:

  1. The Municipal Lease has the result that the lessee is to purchase and take title to the equipment or asset. The financing is a full payout agreement with a bargain purchase at the end of the lease term allowing for acquiring title to asset.
  2. Payments under the lease include the return of principal and interest, with interest being exempt from Federal income taxation.
  3. The Lease allows for termination for non-appropriation of funds by the municipal entity.

A significant advantage in utilization of this program is today’s economy. POWERSYNC and “reel” municipal leasing specialist works together with municipal officials to facilitate equipment lease financing in a creative, timely, and fiscally responsible manner.

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