POWERSYNC Energy Solutions / reel Residential Credit Process

solar financing options

Allow POWERSYNC to work with you to establish system financing for your residential Energy Storage System.

  • Rates between 4.0% – 12% (applicable rates apply)
  • Terms up to 30 years
  • Types of Financing: Home Improvement, Adjustable and Fixed
  • 30 Day closing or sooner
  • Co-Applicant Options
  • Online Application
  • Online Updates
  • State and Federal Tax Credits Apply (please see DSIRE for additional information relating to energy credits, state and federal tax credits)
  • Program available for POWERSYNC Energy Storage Systems and related renewable energy equipment
  • Program is available in all 50 states
  • Our exclusive program enables every energy conscious homeowner the ability to become sustainable while saving money and allowing the equipment to pay for itself over an extended period of time.

A Renewable Energy Storage and PV System is cost efficient… while it pays for itself over an extended period.

With the recent variable energy prices, a solid investment of energy storage and solar PV system into your home will help you create an alternative source of energy, which will enable you to become self- sustainable while reducing your current energy expenses.


Residential Renewable Energy Storage System Project Financing

We know you’re very excited about saving money by going green and our #1 priority is to provide you with Fast, Efficient and Professional service so you can start saving as soon as possible.

Click the link to the left to apply for Residential Financing.

In order to expedite the finance application process, it may be necessary to provide the following information:

  • Recent Signed and dated Information Disclosure Authorization (IDA)
  • Recent mortgage statement
  • Home Insurance Declarations Page (shows cost, coverage & contact info for your agent (ALL properties)
  • 2016, 2017 Personal & Business Tax Returns (ALL schedules)
  • Driver’s license (ALL borrowers) scan & email or copy with lid open then fax for best results
  • 2 recent paystubs from all borrowers (continue to fax/email new paystubs as you receive them until closing)
  • Previous 2 years W2s and 1099s from all jobs for all borrowers
  • Signed letter of explanation for any derogatory credit
  • 2 Proof of any open collection paid
  • Work order, contract, signed proposal describing work and dollar amount required.
  • 2 most recent bank statements (ALL pages) (showing a balance >/= 2 months mortgage payments)
  • If you receive Social Security or pension income, please provide most recent Award Letter/Benefits Statement

*The Application Process will take you to the POWERSYNC financing partners application page at “Renewable Energy Equipment Leasing“.  POWERSYNC is committed to your privacy and does not get involved with the personal details of your finance application.