Commercial, Residential, Utility Scale Energy Solutions

Energy Storage System Project Financing Overview

Thanks to a range of innovative solar financing options, transitioning to a POWERSYNC Energy Storage System (ESS) as part of a renewable energy project has never been more affordable for residential, commercial, and utility scale projects. By combining Federal, state, and local incentives with one of the financing structures offered by POWERSYNC, you can begin generating and storing clean energy from the sun and start reducing your energy costs immediately.


residential solar financing

Our Residential Renewable Energy Finance Program is by far the most cost effective means of capital investment into a renewable energy system for your home.


solar financing options

Commercial renewable energy financing products include capital lease, operating lease, finance lease, true lease, master lease, conditional sales agreement, and sale–leaseback.

Utility / Municipal

municipal financing

Our Municipal Finance Program offers structuring and funding for renewable energy equipment and real-property projects by state agencies and their political subdivisions.