Energy Storage Solutions

Large Scale Energy Storage

POWERSYNC Commercial and Utility Scale Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are available in a variety of sizes and configurations in 40′ containers up to 1MWh for off grid or grid tie applications.  The POWERSYNC microgrid can be supplied fully integrated with a complete platform of balance of systems and is compatible with any renewable energy power generation products.

POWERSYNC offers a financing services for net-zero financing for residential, commercial, municipal, or utility scale projects.

Lithium Energy Storage Systems

POWERSYNC has developed a large selection of small form Lithium batteries which are specifically designed as drop in replacements for standard BDI Group Size lead acid batteries and battery banks.  For just about every standard lead acid deep cycle battery size, our 6.4V  to 25.6V, batteries will provide your equipment with more energy per charge in a casing that is exactly the same sizing as the lead acid batteries.

Our scalable rack system UPS and renewable energy battery systems are available for energy systems with usable capacities ranging from 5000 kWh up to utility scale systems requiring 1 MWh of storage capacity.

Chemistries include Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4), Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (LiNiMnCoO2 or NMC).

VRLA / Advanced Tubular GEL Batteries

OPz batteries are made with an outstanding life cycle. With the increase in energy demand, many individuals are turning to alternative power sources. These batteries are most often utilized by solar systems for homes or businesses. There are two types of OPZ, which includes Tubular Cell Flooded and Sealed Gel.

There are a variety of options, as these batteries come in 2 volts or 12 volts, as well as sizes ranging up to 3000 Amp Hours. They are a maintenance free battery choice, that are constructed for longevity.

OPz batteries are new to the industry, but are quickly gaining the limelight that they deserve. This Eco-Friendly battery options are the perfect backup system that can be used in a number of industries.

Solar Energy Collection Solutions

Rigid Solar Panels

The POWERSYNC Rigid Solar Panels are a highly efficient rugged module providing ultra high output per square foot allowing for applications on a variety of surfaces. POWERSYNC rigid solar panels use polycrystalline cells with efficiency between 16 to 18%.  Available In 10-160W modules.

Flexible Solar Panels

The POWERSYNC Flexible Solar Panels are a highly efficient rugged module providing ultra high output per square foot allowing for applications on a variety of surfaces. Our flexible solar panels use polycrystalline cells with efficiency between 16 to 18%.  Available in 10-160W modules.

Power Conversion Components

MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

MPPT stands for Maximum Power Point Tracting. It is the best solution when it comes to tracking the indirect connection between the PV array and battery bank. This type of charge controller is able to adjust the incoming voltage to maintain the most efficient amount of power for your solar system. These are the highest class charge controllers on the market. You will find manufactures such as EP Solar, Morningstar Corp and Samlex offering these controllers. An MPPT Controller offerers 94 to 98 percent efficiency.

PWM Charge Converter

When designing a solar system you want to ensure you are getting all the components that will help you efficiently collect and use the suns rays for powering your electronic applications. A PWM charge controller is a cost effective solution that can be utilized with small solar set ups. They are not really rated to care for high voltages or large scale systems.

Contact us today to find out more about charge controllers. If you have a system in mind, but need help designing it, we have solar specialists on hand that can help you complete any project.

Custom Power Solutions

Contact us today to learn how POWERSYNC will work with you to develop a custom energy storage solution for your company, client, or project.