Charge Controller



MPPT stands for Maximum Power Point Tracting. It is the best solution when it comes to tracking the indirect connection between the PV array and battery bank. This type of charge controller is able to adjust the incoming voltage to maintain the most efficient amount of power for your solar system. These are the highest class charge controllers on the market. You will find manufactures such as EP Solar, Morningstar Corp and Samlex offering these controllers. An MPPT Controller offerers 94 to 98 percent efficiency.

The POWERSYNC Energy Solutions MPPT charge controllers are the new standard in advanced maximum power point tracking allowing the solar module(s) to operate at the ideal voltage which the solar modules can produce for maximum available power.

Four stage charging mode with various auto temperature and auto load control functions, for fast and effective charge control. The controller allows you to specify battery type including Lithium, has an on-board LCD display to view solar input, battery status, charge status and much more.

POWERSYNC MPPT series controllers are ideal for off-grid solar systems and allows precise control of the charging and discharging of the battery


Advanced double-peak or multiple-peak tracking technology

When the panel has a shadow block or a part of the panel is damaged, I-V curve shows multiple peaks. The solar charge controller can still accurately track the maximum power point.

Built-in algorithm for maximum power tracking

This significantly raises energy utilization efficiency of photovoltaic systems, with crging efficiency 15% ~ 20% higher than traditional PWM solar charge controllers.

Multiple tracking algorithms

Will track the optimum working point of I-V curve accurately in a very short period of time.

MPPT tracking efficiency

As high as 99.9%.

Advanced digital power technology

With circuit energy conversion efficiency as high as 98%.

Works with all battery types

Supports charging procedures of gel, sealed, open, lithium, and other batteries.

Current-limiting charging mode

When the power of a solar panel is too large, and the charging current is greater than rated current, the solar charge controller automatically reduces charging power, thereby making the solar panel work at rated charging current.

Current Regulation

Adjusts capacitive load instantaneous large current.

Auto-identification of battery voltage

12V, 24V, 36V, 48V. LED indicator of malfunction, buzzer alarm, and liquid crystal display of abnormal information. This helps users identify system failures.

Data memory

Stores data for up to 5 years.

LCD screen display function

The display enables users to view equipment operation data and status, and modify controller parameters at the same time.

Standard modbus protocol

Meets communication standards.

Over-temperature protection

When the temperature exceeds the preset value, the charging current falls linearly with temperature, therefore slowing down the rise of controller temperature and avoiding controller damage from high temperature.

External battery voltage sampling function

This function prevents line loss from affecting external battery voltage sampling and ensures greater preciseness of, control parameters.

Temperature compensation functions

Charging and discharging parameters are automatically adjusted, thereby extending battery service life.

TVS lightning protection