LiFePO4 Batteries

POWERSYNC offers two different options when it comes to LiFePO4 batteries, Drop-In and Energy Storage Systems. These batteries offer a significant longer cycle life and longer float/calendar life than lead acid batteries while helping to minimize replacement cost and reduce total cost of ownership. Discover the features, benefits and options available to you by exploring this page.

lifepo4 batteries

Drop-In LiFePO4 Batteries

POWERSYNC Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are designed as a drop-in  replacement of lead acid batteries.  Each of our batteries are designed as replacements for specific deep cycle lead acid batteries up to BCI Group Size 8D. LiFePO4 batteries are designed for 8,000 Cycles at 30% DOD, 5,000 Cycles at 50% DOD, and 3,000 Cycles at 80% DOD.

LiFePO4 batteries

LiFePO4 Energy Storage Systems

POWERSYNC Energy Solutions has developed a large selection of stand alone Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Energy Storage System (ESS), which are specifically designed for grid-tie or off-grid energy storage. These units are available in a variety of voltage configurations and can be customized to meed your needs.


Increased Flexibility

Modular design enables deployment of up to four batteries in series and up to ten batteries in parallel.

More Energy

More energy than lead acid batteries, even at high discharge rate while maintaining high energy capacity.


With quality micrprocessor controlled chargers.  (CC/CV: Constant Voltage / Constant Current)

Advanced BMS Protection

Under/Over voltage and current protection ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Longer Cycle Life

Offers a significant longer cycle life and longer float/calendar life than lead acid batteries.


Advanced LiFePO4 cell design includes various safeguards including high temp thermal fuse, flame retardant additive and pressure relief valves.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Deep Cycle Group Size Batteries

Model NumberVoltageCapacity
Reserve Capacity @25A (Min)Energy
TerminalBDI Group Size
LFP6.4- / UB645
LFP12.8-4.512.84.510.8583.542.753.971.5T1PS-1250 / UB1250
LFP12.8-7.512.87.518965.952.563.72.4T2PS-1270 / UB1270
LFP12.8-1212.81228.81545.963.913.743.7T2PS-12120 / UB12120
LFP12.8-1812.81843.22307.136.542.996T3PS-12180 / UB180
LFP12.8-2612.82662.43336.856.54.929.3M5PS-12260 / UB12260
LFP12.8-3312.83379.24227.645.126.3810.6T5Group U1 / PS-12350 / UB12350
LFP12.8-7512.87518096010.26.618.3523.8M6Group 24 / PS-12750 / UB12750
LFP12.8-10012.81002401280136.818.3430M8Group 31 / PS-121100 / UB12100
LFP12.8-25012.8250600320020.559.378.5865.3M8Group 8D / PS-122500 / UB-8D

Lithium Iron Phosphate Energy Storage Solutions

Model NumberVoltsAhEnergyMax Cont DischargeMax Pulse DischargeMax Charge CurrentType
LFP-12.8-50*12.850640 Wh50A = 1C80A for 3S50A = 1CABS Case
LFP-12.8-100*12.81001.2100A = 1C120A for 3S100A = 1CGroup 31 / ABS Case
LFP-12.8-250*12.82503.2120A = 0.5C140A for 3S250A = 1CGroup 8D / ABS Case
LFP-25.6-50*25.6501.250A = 1C75A for 3S50A = 1CGroup 31/ ABS Case
LFP-25.6-100*25.61002.5120A = 1.2C140A for 3S100A = 1CGroup 8D / ABS Case
ESS-LFP-25.6-20025.62007.6200A = 1C250A for 3S200A = 1CSteel Case
ESS-LFP-25.6-40025.640010.2400A =1C500A for 3S400A =1CSteel Case
ESS-LFP-25.6-60025.660015.4600A = 1C700A for 3S600A = 1CCabinet System
ESS-LFP-25.6-80025.680020.5800A = 1C960A for 3S800A = 1CCabinet System
ESS-LFP-25.6-100025.6100025.61000A = 1C1200A for 3S1000A = 1CCabinet System
ESS-LFP-51-20051.220010.2200A = 1C240A for 3S200A = 1CSteel Case
ESS-LFP-51-40051.240020.5400A = 1C480A for 3S400A = 1CCabinet System
ESS-LFP-51-50051.250026500A = 1C600A for 3S500A = 1CCabinet System
ESS-LFP-51-60051.260030.7600A = 1C720A for 3S600A = 1CCabinet System
ESS-LFP-51-70051.270035.8700A = 1C840A for 3S700A = 1CCabinet System
ESS-LFP-51-80051.280041800A = 1C960A for 3S800A = 1CCabinet System
ESS-LFP-51-100051.2100051.21000A = 1C1200A for 3S1000A = 1CCabinet System