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Low Voltage Rigid and Flex Solar Modules

With POWERSYNC Rigid and Flexible Solar Panels you can achieve all your energy goals. Perfect for small projects, as they provide lower wattage and smaller sizes than standard modules. Offered in both monocrystalline and polycrystalline cells, each panel averages between 16% to 18% efficiency.

Custom sizing and mounting options are also available for these modules. Offerings include panels ranging between 10 to 160 watts. These low voltage solar panels are easily attached to a number of mounting surfaces, making installation a breeze.

The Junction box is waterproof, and panels are resistant to saline environments and unfavorable weather conditions. Perfect solution for any type of small off grid application.


Application Use Includes:

RV, Golf Car, Patrol Car, Signaling System, Water Pumping Systems, Travel Tourism Car, Yacht, Roof Power generation, Backpack, Tents.


Easy Installation

Attach to a wide variety of mounting surfaces for easy installation

Flexible Voltage Range

Used with a charge controller these panels will charge a variety of battery bank voltages

Wide Range of Sizes

Perfect solution for small projects that have space restrictions

Rugged Design

Contains a water proof junction box, resistant salt water and can withstand harsh weather elements